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Certified Executive Coach & Business Strategist

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Topics we can work on together


I can help you develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your business needs, guiding you through the process of analyzing your current situation, setting a clear direction, and making informed decisions. Together, we will create a roadmap to achieve your goals effectively and allocate resources efficiently.


As a productivity expert, I can provide you with practical techniques and strategies to enhance your productivity. I'll work with you to identify and eliminate time-wasting activities, streamline workflows, and optimize resource allocation. By implementing proven productivity practices, you'll be able to maximize your output and achieve your goals more efficiently.


With my expertise, I can assist you in designing and implementing efficient systems within your organization. By establishing structured procedures and protocols, we'll ensure consistency, minimize errors, and improve overall operations. I'll guide you through the process of creating customized systems that align with your specific business requirements.


I can help you analyze and optimize your existing processes, identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practices. Together, we'll streamline your workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and enhance efficiency. By optimizing your processes, you'll achieve better outcomes and save valuable time and resources.

Time Management

Effective time management is crucial for success. I can guide you in developing personalized time management strategies that align with your goals and priorities. We'll work together to create a structured approach to task organization, goal setting, and scheduling, enabling you to make the most of your time and achieve your objectives.

Goal Setting & Prioritizing:

Setting meaningful goals and prioritizing tasks is essential for progress. I can assist you in defining clear, actionable goals and establishing a prioritization framework. Together, we'll create a system that enables you to focus on high-impact activities, make informed decisions, and achieve your objectives efficiently.

By leveraging my expertise in these areas, you'll gain valuable insights, personalized guidance, and practical tools to enhance your business, boost productivity, and achieve sustainable success.


Jessica is passionate and very experienced as a business coach. She is very helpful and is a good listener who addressed my issues without hesitation. The service that Jessica provided was transformational for the way I operate my business.

- Neita Wilson.

About me.


Jessica Rosario is a Certified Executive Coach and Business Strategist. She's also a best-selling contributing author of the book Life by Design. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs to walk in their purpose and follow their passion inspired her to walk away from the golden handcuffs in 2019...

Ready to work with me?

Are you an entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed and are lacking a clear direction in order to accomplish your business goals?

Or maybe you’re a corporate professional who’s stuck in the corporate world building your side hustle but feeling unfulfilled, undervalued and you know you’re not aligned with your life’s mission?

I want to help you develop your passion and identify your strengths in order for you to walk in your purpose.

I’m passionate about helping women like you maximize your days and take your business ideas from dream to launch to grow through accountability and productivity coaching.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Where would you like to start?

Executive Coaching package

My signature package is designed for the motivated and committed individual who is ready to map out their vision and create a blueprint to follow.

We develop a customized plan within a 3-month time frame including 9 weekly 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions. This package provides you with the ongoing support you need to ensure you stay the course.

  • 90-minute Intake Strategy Session Nine weekly

  • 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Flexible appointments to accommodate your busy schedule and bi-weekly option available. upon request

  • PLUS: Unlimited Voxer voice/text support

  • PLUS: Customized ClickUp project board so you can track your ongoing progress

Add-On services available for an additional fee:

  • Implementation Support.

  • Fractional COO Services

  • Project Management

Maximize Your Day Membership

Unleash your full potential with the Maximize Your Day Membership, a dynamic community and resource hub designed exclusively for passionate and ambitious female entrepreneurs like you. Say goodbye to the frustration of unmet goals and procrastination as we guide you through a transformative journey of goal clarity, effective time management, and strategic execution. Our membership empowers you to take control of your day and unlock your most productive state, all while connecting with like-minded individuals who understand your unique challenges. Together, we'll create actionable roadmaps, foster accountability, and provide expert guidance to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams with precision.


  • Precision in Time Management: Unlock your most productive state with expert guidance.

  • Action-Oriented Roadmaps: Translate aspirations into tangible accomplishments.

  • Supportive Community & Accountability: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for mutual growth.

  • Expert Guidance for Progress: Receive actionable strategies and insights.

  • Exclusive Member Benefits: Early access to resources and group-focused content.

Maximize Your Day

This is a FREE private Facebook community where we offer tips on how to boost your productivity and maximize your day!

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Career Coaching

Business Strategic Planning

Business Development

Business Plan Support

Process Audit & Strategy

Systems Implementation

Project Management

Other Services

Resume Review & Redesigning

Biography Writing Support

Workshop Facilitation

Speaking Engagements

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